Tips For Choosing Proper Keywords

It is important to choose the right keywords when designing your website. For example, if we are creating online shop with new running shoes, we need to use in our content keywords that people are looking for.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the content of what people are looking for online. When someone wants to buy new running shoes he can type “new running shoes” in the search engine.
In response, the search engine will show him the results in which the words typed in browser.

Keywords can have different forms – single word or longer word groups. Long names are long tail keywords.

How do we create long tail keywords?

Let’s return to our earlier search query. Our search is simple and will give us a lot of results and we want to be specific.
Suppose we are looking for shoes of a particular brand such as Nike, and buy we want to buy in the online store.
Our search can now look like this: “new Nike running shoes online”

But in that case we have results for everyone – for men, women, children and from around the world.

So we can add another words to it. Let`s create another search query: “new mens Nike running shoes online Canada”

Now our long tail keyword has seven words. If we have our shop in Canada and we are writing in our content about new Nike running shoes for men, then there is a chance that our site url will be displayed to our client.

5 Tips for choosing the right keywords from Google

Below you can watch short Google movie with tips.