Tips How To Increase Website Traffic

  1. Write interesting articles. Try to exhaust the subject completely. The length of the article should not be shorter than 600 words. The longer the text the better. Format the text to read it comfortably. Use format H1, H2, H3. Use bullet points, bold or underline.
  2. Create social profiles and connect them to the page. Each time you publish a new post on the site, put this information on your profiles. The absolute minimum is Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube. If you use WordPress, use special plugins, such as Jet Pack.
  3. Optimize your website. See how Google evaluates the quality of your site. To do so, please use
    Once you have completed the tests, use hints for what you can improve.
  4. Use the graphic page associated with the article topic. Do not forget to add alt, caption and description tags, preferably with keywords.
  5. Submit your website to the search engines, the most popular of course Google and Bing. If your site is targeted at Russian readers, use Yandex. You can use the services that add a site at one time to many search engines and website directories.